3D Majestic Universe Screensaver

3D Majestic Universe Screensaver

3D Majestic Universe animated screensaver is devoted to our endless universe
Scenic Reflections

The free 3D Majestic Universe animated screensaver is devoted to the beauty of our endless universe. This screensaver includes 15 incredible space scenes that show major planes, constellation from other universes, asteroids and meteorites and many other space objects. The 3D Majestic Universe screensaver gives you unique opportunity to leave all your problems and worries on the Earth and to make a fantastic voyage through our universe. Have a good look at incredibly huge Saturn rings which consist of gases and fragments of asteroids. Enjoy magnificence of planets from the desert surface of unknown space object which maybe will never see human beings. Follow with your eyes comets with long bright tails which arrived from depths of the universe. Good animated graphics and mysterious space style music help you feel hypnotic mystery of the never ending motion of stars and planets. If you want to enjoy these wonderful scenes in silence then just mute all sounds. All this with no ads, no nag screens, no trial versions, no limitations whatsoever.

Ilya Barmenkov
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